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Next Density™ Out-of-Body / Astral Projection Online Course I. A 2-month intensive practical course on developing out-of-body / astral projection basic skill. Available worldwide. Sign up now!!

Next Density™ Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Contact Initiative I. A research and development initiative on the practical ability to psychically contact and directly perceive and interact with extraterrestrial/interdimensional beings.


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Extraterrestrial Contact Research Initiative

Contact research group where we perform field work and engage interactions with extraterrestrials. Details and sign-up here.

Out-of-Body Experience Intensive Course

In-depth personal and group instruction on developing out-of-body experience skill. Finally you can succeed at OBE.Details and sign-up here.

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Welcome to my site...


I'm a long time practitioner, researcher, and observer of all things metaphysical, mystical, and cutting edge, including the out-of-body experience or astral travel, extraterrestrial life, consciousness development, channeling, telepathy, spirituality including A Course in Miracles, and fourth-density thought. I'm currently publishing books and building a Center called Next DensityTM and Next Density CenterTM through which to share what I've learned.

You can read about dozens of my out-of-body experiences and learn how to cause them yourself through first book, Travel Far: A Beginner's Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods, which is available now! If you purchase the paperback version on Amazon the digital / Kindle version comes free!! My second book Classes on A Course in Miracles: Contemporary Pure Non-Dualism - Discussions 1 through 12, goes in-depth into pure non-dualism and A Course in Miracles and is also available now. Forgive and Be Free; or, Forgiving People Who Believe the Earth is Flat: A Course in Miracles in Practice (Book 1), a treatise focusing on the practice of ACIM, available now as well. You can also find out about other books I'm writing here. You can see a list of the talks and interviews I've done here


Travel Far Free to Prisoners

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On Amazon purchase the paperback version and the digital Kindle version come free!! Find links to order both the paperback and digital versions of Travel Far and Classes on A Course in Miracles and Forgive and Be Free 1 at www.nextdensity.com.

I have available an intensive 2-month practical course on out-of-body skill, based upon the Travel Far material. Details and sign-up here.


Current and near future Darryl E Berry Jr titles include:


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Darryl E Berry Jr, out-of-body travel, astral travel, consciousness, pure non-dualism, anarchism, spirituality, freedom, peace, forgiveness, nonphysical, afterlife, extraterrestrial, UFO, ETs, ETVs.


(Be sure to check your spam folder for a reply; add @darryleberryjr.com as an approved domain to receive email from.)