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Next Density™ Out-of-Body / Astral Projection Course I. A 2-month intensive practical course on developing out-of-body / astral projection basic skill.

Next Density™ Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Contact Initiative I. A research and development initiative on the practical ability to psychically contact and directly perceive and interact with extraterrestrial/interdimensional beings.

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ACIM Class and Study Group


9 AM to 1030 AM on Skype

830 PM to 10 PM ET in Person (Frankfort KY)

Dues: $5 / week

Extraterrestrial Contact Research Initiative

Contact research group where we perform field work and engage interactions with extraterrestrials. Details and sign-up here.

Out-of-Body Experience Intensive Course

In-depth personal and group instruction on developing out-of-body experience skill. Finally you can succeed at OBE.Details and sign-up here.

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Welcome to my site...

I've been a long time practitioner, researcher, and observer of all things metaphysical, mystical, and cutting edge, including the out-of-body experience or astral travel, extraterrestrial life, consciousness development, channeling, telepathy, spirituality including A Course in Miracles, and fourth-density thought. I started to astral travel at about 4 or 5 years old, and since then I've met the deceased, interacted with extraterrestrials, traveled through time, traversed outer space, and interacted with spiritual beings. I'm currently publishing books and building a Center called Next DensityTM, through which to share what I've learned, to help facilitate the progress of the human race. My first book, Travel Far: A Beginner's Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods, is available now! There will be a Question & Answer for early readers hosted on July 11, 2015.

Q & A on OBEs for Early Readers of Travel Far - On Skype - Saturday July 11 2015 - 8 PM EST

1) Purchase Your Copy of Travel Far (links on this page)

2) Read your copy of Travel Far

3) Email Darryl E Berry Jr at debj@darryleberryjr.com with your Skype ID or Skype email, stating that you're a Travel Far reader interested in attending !

4) Be on Skype at 8 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, July 11th to be added to the Skype conversation, and ask your questions !!


Travel Far - new book published worldwide in paperback and digital format - Available Now!!

Find links to order both the paperback and digital versions of Travel Far at www.nextdensity.com

I have available an intensive course on out-of-body skill, based upon the Travel Far material. Details and sign-up here.


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