Ask the Nuwaupians /Nuwaubians, Are the Four Friends Dean Hardy, Mary Hardy, Marjorie Killick, and Kenneth Killick, Some Of The Masters Who Guide Malachi York’s Pen?

By Darryl E Berry Jr

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Published April 18, 2019. Updated August 25, 2019.


Question: Ask the Nuwaupians/Nuwaubians, Are the Four Friends, Dean Hardy, Mary Hardy, Marjorie Killick, and Kenneth Killick, Some Of The Masters Who Guide Malachi York’s Pen?

The book Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man was first printed in July of 1987. This was well before Malachi York “authored” the book El Maguraj in the 90’s. In this article I will show that Malachi York’s claim of authorship of El Maguraj is a con, by showing that the book El Maguraj is a plagiarism of the book Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man by Four Friends Dean Hardy, Mary Hardy, Marjorie Killick, and Kenneth Killick.

Furthermore, the book Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man is itself a combination of two previously published books by this group of authors. These previous two books are Pyramid Energy and the Second Coming by Dean & Mary Hardy and Marjorie & Kenneth Killick which was published in 1981, and Pyramid Energy Explained by Mary Hardy, Dean Hardy, Kenneth Killick, Jim Keating, and Three Initiates which was published in 1979. I repeat – these two even earlier books are combined by these authors into the one publication Pyramid Energy, which itself also predates El Maguraj.

The El Maguraj book was the first instance of plagiarism I became aware of in Malachi York’s writings. And first I want to make sure to establish that he is claiming authorship. We can see on the cover of El Maguraj that one of York’s pseudonyms is listed where authors’ names are commonly placed on book covers: Pharaoh: Amunnubi Ruakhptah.

On the first page of El Maguraj is a full color image of York further showing him to be the “author.” And he’s in full regalia, with an apron and fez and staff and chalice. Tassels on his shoulder, and so forth.

On the next page of El Maguraj it says “AUTHORED BY: THE SUPREME GRAND MASTER NAYYHA: MALACHIZODOK YORK-EL.” So, there is no question that Malachi York is claiming authorship of this book El Maguraj. Establishing that York is claiming authorship of El Maguraj is quite relevant to a point I’ll bring up later in this article.

The El Maguraj book details a prayer/pilgrimage that is carried out while walking a path around a small black pyramid (on the cover of the El Maguraj book, which is shown in the second image in this article) formerly on the former Nuwaubian land. The reasoning established among us (I was a Nuwaubian at the time) was that we needed to undergo this ritual to survive the energy of the soon-coming alignment of planets that would occur in May of the year 2000 AD. I’ve since learned this:

“Honestly the black pyramid was only fixed up when they were gonna have people coming through to take that fake pilgrimage. For the most part it was a place where you just had a bunch of storage stuff stored in it like books, tools, work tools. Sometimes people had sex in it. They used the loudspeaker to play music or the OM chant. And later on to play Christian songs and Jesus chants. But it was pretty much used as a storage unit. Every year during the Savior’s day of course they fixed it up to make it look good. I remember when we cleaned it out. He had a lot of junk in there. A lot of books stored up in there. You know we just had to clean the stuff out because the Savior’s Day was coming around, so he had to make it look like it was the Holy of Holies. It was a front. It was Christmas time to him. But it was Savior’s Day, or Savior’s Week. It went from day to week, where he made the bulk of his money. You know he can do nearly a million dollars during that whole week, or more, cuz of the books being sold, all the things people donated, all kinda stuff.” (Chuck Morgan’s eye witness testimony on the black pyramid on the Nuwaubian land:

I remember the book El Maguraj being published in the 1990’s. I first saw the book when I was living in a Tabernacle Ministries community in New Orleans, Louisiana. It wasn’t until a few years after I left the community that I happened upon the book Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man and then I saw the plagiarism.

On page 14 of El Maguraj there is an image of a pyramid with a double helix rising from it. (And notice the alteration in the bottom image as if energy is coming from the smaller pyramids.)

I found this double helix image to be directly plagiarized from the Introduction on page X (10) of the prior published Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man.

The explanation for this image is plagiarized by Malachi York as well. In “York’s” El Maguraj on page 15 we see:

“…A Word Taken From Neteru, Ptahite Egyptian For Beings Of The Skies, Who Had The Real Truth Of The Knowledge Of The Pyramid And How They Deal With Tachyon Energy. The Pyramid Refocuses Light Into Its Sub-Atomic Particles Which We Call Tachyon Energy. The Term Tachyon Energy Is Used Because It Is The Best Term That Describes This Energy. The Word Tachyon Is Defined In The American Heritage Dictionary As: A Hypothetical Subatomic Particle That Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Light, Which Comes From The Root Tachy, Meaning: Rapid; Accelerated; Tachymeter. [Greek Takhu-, From Takhus, Swift.] To Tack On Means “To Stick On”, Tachyon Energy Is The Glue Of The Universe. It Is The Bond Between The Spiritual And Physical Realms Of Reality.” – El Maguraj page 15.

Yet in the previously published Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man, (which again was published as two separate books even prior to that), on the page 1 we see:

“The nature of this knowledge deals with TACHION ENERGY. We have discovered that the pyramid refocuses light into its sub-atomic particles which we call tachion energy. We use the term tachion energy because this is the term that best describes this energy. To “tack on” means to “stick to.” Tachion energy is the glue of the universe. It is the bond between the spiritual and physical realms of reality.” – Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man, Page 1.

Then in “York’s” El Maguraj plagiarism continues on page 15 and through page 16. We see:

“If You Were To Look At The Rain Dance Of The Hopi Of The Native Americans Called (American Indians), Who Got It From Their True Father, The Dogon Tribe Of Mali, Africa, Their Original Descendants, Who Got IT From Beings They Called Nommos, Who The Hopis Call Kachina. You Would Find The Same Clocking Action Of The Tachyon Pairs Is Used In Their Rain Dance And The Dances Of The Whirling Dervishes, Or More Of North Africa The Sufi. The Hopi Native American Indians Would Use This Action to Build (SCW) Standing Columnar Waves. By Building These Standing Waves, We, The American Indians, Could Cause Rain. A Secret They Got From Us Their Ancestors From Nuwba In America, Called Olmecs, Through The Deity Hapi Of Egypt, North America, Same As Hopi, The Son Of Horus. The Dogon Of Mali, And The Yoruba Of Nigeria, Africa And Many Others All Use This Principle.” – El Maguraj, pages 15 through 16.

When we go Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man, on page 42 we see:

“Interestingly enough, if one were to look at the rain dance of the Hopi Indians he would find the same clocking action of the tachion pairs is used in their rain dance. The Indians would use this action to build standing columnar waves. By building these standing waves the Indians could cause rain. The results of the dancing is a charged column. We see the same standing wave column appear in a typical thunder storm or in the electrical process used to produce a capacitor. The clocking motion of the dance pattern is similar to the motion clocking of the electromagnetic fields of the atom. What happens over the dancing Indians is that a band of energy is formed.” – Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man, Page 42.

And notice that York also copied the image and diagram depicting the rain dance configuration directly from the previously published Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man.

And if you continue through both books, you’ll find still further plagiarisms by Malachi York. Both images and text. For instance, on page 21 of El Maguraj and page 165 of Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man.

“In Ancient Khamite (Egyptian) Drawings You Find Pictures Of Men Holding Coils. These Coils Were Tuned To The Reverse Flow Of Vortex Energy Generated Between Sites. A And B Are Tuned To The South Pole Vortex. The Stone Was Struck By The Rod And Tuned To The South Pole Field. Two South Pole Fields Repel Each Other. The Block Would Then Float Down The Walkway.” – El Maguraj pages 21 and 22.

“In the Egyptian Museum are found statues of men holding coils. These coils were tuned to the reverse flow of vortex energy generated between sites. A and B are tuned to the south pole vortex. The stone was struck by the rod and tuned to the south pole field. Two south pole fields repel each other: The block would then float down the walkway. In this fashion, using levitation, the temples and pyramids were built.” –Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man page 165.

It’s clear that throughout this book, Malachi York – or those under his control, as I’ve learned from someone while I was living in Georgia that he had teams of people helping him put together these books, plagiarized these people’s work. He either plagiarized it directly himself and took credit for it, or people under his control did so and he had his name put on the book and he assumed or pretended authorship of the work. Either he alone is guilty of plagiarism from these four authors, or he and those who helped him are.

And let’s see who these Four Friends are:

This is an image of the Dean family in Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man. “White people.” People who Malachi York has said are devils. People who Nuwaubians will say shouldn’t be trusted. People who when someone finds information to refute or that contradicts York’s teachings Nuwaubians say, “You’re going to the white man’s teachings” or “That’s the devil’s teachings, learn from your own.” I’ve learned, hearing and seeing testimonies online, that people were even discouraged by fellow cult members from reading other people’s books. It’s reminiscent of Scientology. (See ‘Leah Rimini’s Scientology and the Aftermath’ series and other testimonies, writings, and works on Scientology.) And just like L Ron Hubbard of Scientology, Nuwaubians’ “Master Teacher” Malachi York was consistently plagiarizing from “white devils.” (See Chuck Morgan’s for more.)

It is clear to any honest and critically thinking person that a great divine being with “76 trillion years of knowledge” ( would not need to plagiarize even one sentence from anyone, and especially not from “the devil.”

It is of note that I have never found any follower of York, whether in the tabernacle community or not, to question that Malachi York wrote all the books until the plagiarism was found. Before that it was always very clear that York was the “Master Teacher” and divine extraterrestrial angelic being, who was Malachi in the bible and a Yamasee Indian and a Pharaoh and a Rizqiyian (meaning someone from a planet called “Rizq” in the 19th galaxy called “Illyuwn”), among other ludicrous things. Who had 720 degree of knowledge and also channels knowledge, all with neither implicit or explicit reference to mere earthly beings – and definitely not “the devil.” Malachi York was the Master Teacher, the only and direct or indirect (channeled) source of the information. But suddenly talk of him not being the author and not claiming authorship comes up when plagiarism is found. Thus for those who choose that dishonesty or lack of critical thinking, I thoroughly established that Malachi York claims authorship of the plagiarized work El Maguraj.

I remember when living in the community, the lady of the house (it was a married couple and I who ran that store and lived in that community) was so in awe of this new name Amunnubi Ruakhptah. But now I see he would just change names and identities to whatever he felt would keep him in power or would give some type of advantage or allure, like when he tried to get Native American status by claiming to be a Chief Yamasee Indian. Even in an earlier quote from El Maguraj it says, “We, The American Indians.” Or later when he tried to claim to be a diplomat of Liberia. (See online videos of Chuck Morgan and Wudjau for more on this.)

As a writer myself I know it takes time to produce a quality book. I have published three books of my own so far. (See The first edition of one of my books, the one on forgiving flat Earth believers, was rushed. And I could see the difference. Thus, in order to produce so many books (or any books at all being that clearly he is a fraud) I can see why he resorted to plagiarism. As Chuck Morgan shared with us, as quoted earlier, book sales were a major income source for Malachi York. And in order to even put out material fast enough – or to put out material at all, being that clearly Malachi York is a fraud – Malachi York apparently had to resort to plagiarism. Otherwise he’d either not have new books to sell, or he’d have to undermine his own teaching by referencing “the devil” when he’s supposed to be virtually if not literally all-knowing.

And this book El Maguraj had people to go to the Nuwaubian land on a purportedly life or death, salvation-necessary pilgrimage. I remember the other guy in the tabernacle speaking of people’s brains being fried if they don’t get aligned with the pilgrimage! Which brought more consumers to buy more books, and buy food, and to make donations. Thus the con of Malachi York supposedly being a master teacher is apparent. Evidence shows that he was a good entertainer and con man, among other things. But not some divine being. Not even what’s considered a good and decent regular human being.

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