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Next Density Center
Courses & Classes

I’m building a center called Next Density Center forwarding the research, education, development, and application of our nonphysical aspects, inner abilities, and spiritual development. There is no monetary cost involved with any of my courses or studies. Personal gifts or contributions can be given after completion of the course(s).

There are currently three levels of involvement outlined. You may be a Center student, and learn, participate, and progress independently. I am also working towards building a membership, with the opportunity to join as a Center student-member for more involvement and community. And eventually there will be the opportunity to be a Center volunteer. As a volunteer you can help the Center function and grow, with opportunities to become instructors in various branches of the Center in the future. Graduation from the course is a prerequisite for assisting with the course or becoming a teacher of the course.

I currently offer several practical courses, classes, and research endeavors on the out-of-body experience, making contact with extraterrestrials, and A Course in Miracles. My courses are currently taught through voice or audio chat or in person, as utilizing this website’s online forum – in a part of the forums accessible only to students.

Continue on this page to see brief descriptions of the courses, classes, and research studies currently offered.

Darryl E Berry Jr

Developmental Basics

A six-week systematic and practical course and research study in the basics of metaphysical development.
Visit the forums at to sign up by next course start date: June 8th 2019.

Beginner OBE Skill

A 10-week systematic and practical course and research study in beginner level out-of-body experience skill, as well as a continuation of my research study. Participants will learn to produce out-of-body experiences.
Prerequisite: Developmental Basics course.

Expert OBE Skill

A three-month practical course in expert level out-of-body experience skill.
Prerequisite: Beginner OBE Skill course. Six months of regular OBE exploration.

Master OBE Skill

A two-month practical course in expert level out-of-body experience skill.
Prerequisite: Expert OBE Skill course. Two years of regular OBE exploration.

ACIM Class

Lectures, Q &A, on A Course in Miracles.
To join add me at DarrylEBerryJr on Skype and email me at

Making ET Contact

A four-week practical course on making personal contact with extraterrestrials. The book Preparing for Contact by Lyssa Royal is recommended but not required.
Prerequisite: Beginner OBE Skill course.

ET Contact Group Study

A research study where I establish procedures for group contact with extraterrestrials. Seeking 4-9 individuals to participate.
Prerequisite: Making ET Contact course.

Lectures, Interviews

I offer in-person and online lectures, workshops, and question & answer sessions. A schedule of appearances will be available soon. I’m also available for radio, online, and television interviews. If you’d like an appearance in your area or location or on your show contact me at If you’d like me to appear on your favorite show please notify the management of the show.

Student Code of Conduct

I’m currently accepting applications for Beginner OBE Skill, and its prerequisite of Developmental Basics. You can sign up for Basics and then OBE when you have completed the Basics course. When I get 20 accepted students I’ll start the Developmental Basics class.

Before you apply for a course, please read the Student Code of Conduct here. Then apply via the following contact form:


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