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I’m not a master. I’m a student. My writings and teachings share my progress along the path. What I’m learning. Various experiences – personal, observed, and learned about. And I can teach you how you can have your own experiences. How we can work together to progress our individual and collective knowledge and experience further. I’ve received praise for my works, and feedback that they have helped and been beneficial. Perhaps they can be beneficial for you as well. And perhaps we can work together to reach more people, and make a better world for ourselves.

– Darryl E Berry Jr


Ascension Curriculum

Travel Far Series

Travel Far: A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods (2015)



Galactic Travels: One Hundred Out-of-Body Journeys through Interstellar Space; Or, A Contribution to Astronomy and Exo-Communications Through Applied Nonphysical Science (2023)



Enlightenment Curriculum

The Master: Y’shua the Christ (2024)

Classes on A Course in Miracles Series

Classes on A Course in Miracles: Contemporary Pure Non-Dualism – Discussions 1 through 12 (2016)



Classes on A Course in Miracles: A Road Without Distance – Discussions 13 through 24 (2022)


A Course in Miracles in Practice Series

Forgive and Be Free; Or, Forgiving People Who Believe the Earth is Flat: A Course in Miracles in Practice Series (Book 1) 2nd Edition (2020)

Existential Suicide: Relinquishing the Self; Or, Freedom from the Pain of Existing (Book 2) (2019)

A Course in Miracles Analogies – A Course in Miracles in Practice Series (Book 3) (2021)


Meta-Transfer Curriculum

Exo-Communications: How to See Extraterrestrial Craft and How to Initiate Contact with Extraterrestrials Beings (2022)



Next Density or Fourth Density: Metamorphosis into Fourth Density Being; Or, Personal Transformation for the New Age (2023)



Would I Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?:A Novel (2023)

That World: A Novel (2024)

Omega: A Novel (2025)