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Darryl E Berry Jr / Next Density Center
New Student Application

Student Code of Conduct

Introduction to the Teachings

Classes are currently taught by myself, Darryl E Berry Jr, utilizing what I’ve learned in my decades of research, experimentation, and practice into various metaphysical avenues.

What my classes and teachings are not:

  • They are not a quick-fix way to gain metaphysical ability.
  • They are not religious based teachings, but scientifically oriented investigations and experiments into realms and aspects of existence heretofore largely unrecognized by mainstream science.

What my classes and teachings are:

  • An avenue for learning tried methodologies and techniques to develop various metaphysical abilities and potentialities.
  • A serious undertaking that requires time, attention, effort, and dedication.

Student Discipline

Through my classes the student can learn how to develop basic metaphysical skills, enter altered states, have out-of-body experiences, develop psychic ability, perceive and interact consciously with extraterrestrials, and develop an understanding of true spiritual theory and practice.The learning and practice is necessarily intensive, being fit into a time frame. The class/course is instruction that to be effective requires active learning and disciplined practice on your part. Please apply to the course only if you have the time, and have the attention, and have the willingness to sincerely apply yourself to a systematic and practical course for an extended period.


Please apply for my classes/courses only if you value my instruction and are willing and able to apply yourself to the studies and practices of my course/class. If you feel that you already know a better way to apply yourself, or if you feel that another teacher or system is better or better for you, then I suggest spending your time with that teacher and/or system.

Course “Fees”

There is no monetary cost for my metaphysical teachings, including my writings and my courses and classes. I believe in a world free of government, and free of money. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to make such a world a reality on this Earth with the best that I have to offer the world, which is my metaphysical teachings. The “cost” can be said to be honest participation, as those who don’t participate and apply themselves won’t be allowed to continue on the course.

My courses are also a part of an ongoing research study; with purposes in part that I may improve my teaching methodologies. Thus, for the duration of the course students are required to contribute to my research via journals and other updates of their efforts and progress. This information will also allow me to guide your progress.

Course Schedule

Each course will have it’s own unique schedule which will be presented via a course syllabus at the start of the course.

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