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How To Register to Access the Forums

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:48 pm
by Darryl E Berry Jr
1) It's necessary to register for the forums and be logged in to see and read the forums. And only active students can access course-specific sections of the forums.

2) There are hundreds of bots that automatically register and would plaster the forum with all kinds of spam, thus I manually approve registrations. If you are applying for a course I'll receive your registration and activate your forum registration from your application. If you're not applying for a course then after you register here on the forums, please email me at so that I can activate your account. For faster response make your subject REGISTER FOR FORUMS in all capitals so I can see it easier.

3) Newly registered users not signed up for a course must make a post in the Newly Registered Introductions form to get further forum access. This is to prevent spam-bots.