Math & Science Tutoring

I’ve earned Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees from Palo Alto College in 2022. Furthermore, I completed the honors program, in addition to graduating summa cum laude honors on both degrees. I’m currently a physics and astronomy undergraduate student at UT Austin, in Austin, TX.

If you would like tutoring in mathematics including the GED up to college level Vector Calculus, or science up to college level electricity and magnetism (Physics II in many systems) or Chemistry II, or introductory college level astronomy, you can contact me at

Moreover, even those who aren’t scholars but want to update or clarify their understanding of math and science – as an extreme example, if you think the Earth is flat and want to learn how it’s really a globe – can contact me as well for group instruction or discussion.

The hourly fee for individuals is a quite modest $25, payable through Paypal. We can arrange fees for groups. Tutoring can be held online via Zoom, or in person if in the Austin, TX, area.

Darryl E Berry Jr

March 2024