Active Projects

Here is a description of a few of the things I’m working on now.

Physics and Psychology Degrees

I’m currently completing my associates degree, as I actively work towards my degree in physics, with some uncertainty as to how far I will pursue psychology. I look forward to establishing scientific validity for the dimensions heretofore labeled astral, afterlife, psychic, etcetera.

Ongoing OBE Research Study

I’m current orchestrating an ongoing research study and training program on the out-of-body experience. At present 4 students have had a total of 8 out-of-body experiences, with 31 people having signed up overall, and 24 students having started the program and 1 person having completed the program. To participate in the Ecsomatics program go here.

Travel Far 2nd Edition

If you haven’t read Travel Far in a few years, I’ve since updated the published version including expounding upon various principles, as well as adding several illustrations. I’m also working on an even more major update, a 2nd edition, that will include more technical information including on reentry and recall and memory, details on the research studies I’ve orchestrated on the out-of-body experience, journals of more recent of my out-of-body experiences – as well as journal entries of some of my student’s successes, and also an overview of OBE literature through the previous decades.


October 2020