Active Projects Feb 2021

Here is a description of a few of the things I’m working on.


Physics and Psychology Degrees

I’m associates degree phase of reaching my Ph.D. in physics, with uncertainty as to how far I will pursue psychology.

I look forward to establishing scientific validity for the dimensions heretofore labeled astral, afterlife, psychic, etcetera.


2020 Study Data Collation

I’m collating data from the 2020 round of the Ecsomatics course. During the 2020 ecsomatic progression, four (4) students have had a total of 8 out-of-body experiences between them, with thirty-one (31) people showing interest in the course, eight (8) students completing the Basics training, and two (2) students having completed the Ecsomatics I program, each of the two with at least one OBEā€¦

100% of students who completed the Ecsomatics I Course

had an out-of-body experience.

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OBE Training

I’m picking up my own training, so I can explore again, and do further experiments and testing.


Travel Far 2nd Edition

If you haven’t read Travel Far in a few years, I’ve since updated the published version expounding upon various principles and adding several illustrations. I’m working on a 2nd edition of Travel Far that includes more technical information including on reentry, recall, and memory, details on the 2020 research studies journals of more recent of my out-of-body experiences, appraisals of past literature, all based around a scientific approach.



Feb 2021