Active Projects 2022 thru 2025

Here is a description of a few of the things I’m working on.

Physics and Other Degrees

I graduated as an honors student and with institutional honors of summa cum laude from Palo Alto College in 2022. I am continuing my education to ultimately earn my Ph.D. in physics, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in astronomy and physics.

My doctorate focus will likely be quantum physics.

Math & Science Tutoring

If you would like tutoring in mathematics and science read more about my offerings here: Math and Science Tutoring.

OBE Instruction

100% of students who completed the Ecsomatics I Course had an out-of-body experience. I’m offering out-of-body experience instruction to individuals or small groups. You can learn how to sign up here: OBE Instruction and Guidance.


I’m working on the second edition of Travel Far, other nonfiction works, and fiction.


August 2023

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